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Welcome to the Official Hat Films Wiki, your destination for everything you need to know about Hat Films, the Hatventures Minecraft Server, and other features of the Hatventures community. This wiki is still a work in progress, so check back with us as we continue to add new and useful information for your reading pleasure! The Hatventures Wiki is not open to editing by everyone, but if you think you can help out, have a suggestion or have spotted a problem, please let us know in the wiki forum.
Hat Films are a trio of film makers and gamers from the UK, they are known for doing the official minecraft trailers as well as their Youtube Channel. Hat Films is made up of 3 people, Chris Trott, Alex Smith and Ross Hornby, they started Hat Films while they were at University and have continued to make videos featuring Minecraft, New Games in Havin' a Bash, Music, Vlogs as well as doing collaborations with many members of the Yogscast.

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